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Prince Ali World Peace is an international Hollywood artist, writer, composer, producer and world peace activist. Though a world renowned artist Prince Ali is also known around the world as a leading world advocate for Peace.  He founded the organization, “World Peace for Life”.  In addition, he serves as an Ambassador of International Diplomacy for the Interglobal Trade Group who has also earned the Award of Excellence for his work with US Veterans in Operation Confidence, United We Serve, One Nation/One People by President Barak Obama.  Hollywood’s favorite International artist Prince Ali’s compassion for helping people started and encompasses his hometown of Los Angeles where he is well known for countless motivational outreach programs.  He is a coach and spiritual speaker who has been working closely with Hollywood celebrities, Politian, Veterans, and ordinary people on matters of drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse, gender violence and depression.  A project which is close to his heart is one he has been involved in since the beginning of his musical career.  His passion to help in these type of projects and his commitment to religious tolerance and awareness stem from his extensive knowledge of the Four holy books that Muslims are to know and respect.  Among the books considered to be revealed, are the Torah (revealed to Moses), the Zabur (revealed to David), the Injil (Gospel) (revealed to Jesus), and the the Quran.  Among the Afghan and Middle Eastern community he is well respected and revered for his heart rendering professional recitation of the Holy Quran. 
Early Years:
Prince Ali was born on July 4 in Kabul, Afghanistan, but raised in the state of Los Angeles, California. Prince Ali’s paternal ancestry comes from Afghanistan’s prestigious Mohammadzai Tribe (Pashto: محمد زی‎) (meaning sons of Muhammad). His grandfather, Mohammad Omar Khan known as Naahabsālār was a  Ispahsālār (Persian: اسپهسالار‎) or sipahsālār (سپهسالار; "army commander"), in Arabic rendered as isfahsalār (إسفهسلار) or iṣbahsalār (إصبهسلار), was a title used in much of the Islamic world during the 10th-15th centuries, to denote the senior-most military commanders but also as a generic general officer rank.   His father Ghulam Haidar Omar obtained his higher education in Germany who was a Federal Judge in Afghanistan prior to the Soviet Invasion.  Shortly after completing most of his higher education in the State of California, Prince Ali got his stardom in 1998 as an accomplished multi-lingual Artist who sings in various languages including Spanish, Indian, Urdu, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, English and Dari/Farsi.  His music became prevalent in the Middle East, Asia and Europe before gaining stardom with his unique rhythms and vocal range in the United States of America in 2008
Currently a major International pop artist, social activist, and motivational speaker, Prince Ali has been performing globally since 1998.  His music, sung in multiple languages, is popular in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.  Prince Ali’s music combines the modern sounds of international pop, hip hop, reggae, house, rap and R&B with Eastern mystical rhythmic creating a unique tranquil experience for his listeners.
He has collaborated with such diverse noteworthy artistes such as John Wilson, Aerosmith, Janet Jackson, George Clinton, Al Gerou, Brian McKnight, Cool and the Gang and Howard McCrary. Working closely with Peter Rafelson (writer and producer of hit songs for many legends including Madonna, Britney Spears and most recently the Glee Sound Track), all for creating music with the message of peace. Prince Ali is destined to become a house hold name.

A twice-platinum composer and singer, he is also driven by a mission to unite the world's diverse religions and races. His desire to serve as an agent of change led in the creation of his foundation, "World Peace for Life". This foundation provides the basic necessities of food, clothing and education to children in war-ravaged countries, including Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico and Pakistan.
In his role as an Ambassador of International Diplomacy for the Interglobal Trade Group, he has contributed to the promotion of global trade and development in Afghanistan and other developing countries.
Despite his passion for music and many contributions to Hollywood.  Prince Ali has been an advocate of Peace who singularly organized unparalleled events to combine his unique artistic abilities with his enduring passion for peace and unity.   The Foundation creates and supports programs and initiatives that aim to bring an end to the divisive and destructive attitudes and practices of our past, in favor of freedom, equality, justice, universal education, sustainable development, ecology, prosperity, accountability and peace.
2011 to present Prince Ali has been adamantly involved in A Mission for Peace, Prosperity and Stability in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Working closely with The Counsel of 34 Provinces, The Grand Assembly and various international organizations to help promote stability, accountability and gender equality to support the people of Afghanistan.
2007 To Present Prince Ali has been a major Middle Eastern contributor and supporter of Reverend Michael Beckwith founder of Agape International, a trans-denominational spiritual community open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation and selfless service to humankind.

2012 Unanimously elected by the majority of grassroots representatives of Afghanistan as Afghanistan’s Peace Leader and the Voice of Civilians.
Awards for his contribution to World Peace:
· 2010 Award of Excellence for Operation Confidence United We Serve, One Nation/One People by President Barak Obama
· 2006 Recognition and appreciation from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
· 2006 Official Welcome Certificate from the Mayor of County of Los Angeles
· Among these are countless other recognitions and certificates from dignitaries.

Producer of unrivalled Hollywood Event:
· 2011 - Hollywood Teens Party for Cause bringing together some of Hollywood’s Top Artist to join his cause for World Peace for Life. 
· 2008 - Worked with Hollywood dignitary, Tom Trbovich Director of Michael Jackson’s We Are the World to create We Are All One which is an ongoing project that takes place live with world renowned artist from around the globe to promote Peace, prosperity and Unity.
· 2008 - First Ever World Peace Event Los Angeles Convention Center brought together musical Artists from around the world for an inspirational first ever event to engage the different races and cultures together as it unites the world through the common understand and love of music. The goal to eliminate war and establish conciliation for everyone across the globe, an open declaration of peace.
· 2006 - The World Peace Project with international artists to secure the safety and future of all people, especially the children of present and future generations, by calling for an end to all global violence, war, and terror.
International and Musical Awards:
Prince Ali has won several awards, including Afghan Media's Top Recording Artist Award, the New Musical International Award, the International Entertainment Platinum Recognition Award, and The Arabic Award. Prince Ali has released five CD’s (two of which have gone twice platinum) and a DVD. In addition, he has produced 19 international music videos. 
· 2006 Afghan Media’s Top Recording Artist Award
· 2005 New Musical International Award
· 2004 International Entertainment Platinum Recognition Award
· 2001 The Arabic Awards
Musical Singles:
· (2010) Party All Night from Hollywood RMC records World Wide Released on ITunes
· (2008) My Life
· (2007) Unity
· (2006) Love Me
· (2004) Salam
· (2001) Habibi
· (1999) Judahee
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