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World Peace
World Peace for Life Mission Statement

The initiative includes:
· For the first time in history uniting people from all across the globe, bringing the Eastern world to the West, and the Western world to the East through music.
· The launch of Special Benefit World Peace Events with top musicians, actors, and dignitaries, and the nations' leaders.
· To launch these benefit events through the means of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, mobiles and the Internet.
· To unite people of different ethnicities and religions under the banner of humanity.
· To promote peace through the means of music.
· To have the proceeds go towards charity.
· To bring the best of best together in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.
Special Benefit World Peace Events

Special benefit World Peace events are the first ever in history to bring various musicians and artists together to promote peace. Its goal is to eliminate war and establish conciliation for everyone across the globe; it is an open declaration of peace. In these events we hope that through the medium of music, the best of best can come together face to face and hold hands together in the spirit of unity and felicity. The call to bring peace aims every part of government, all religions, as well as our schools and universities. We must accept our religious differences and learn to love one another.
These benefit events are an initiative to gather the people from the Eastern world and the Western world since we are one global community. It is important to make this project a success. Although outward differences may be there it is our goal to unite all of us under one banner of humanity. It is the objective of this concert to promote peace and understanding through music. This is the first time ever concerts of their nature. Many great musical artists, national leaders, politicians, actors, and esteemed guests will be performing at these World Peace special events.