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Celebrities include: YG, New Boyz , Mistakal Willow Smith, International Artist Prince Ali, Mann , Rejectz, Justin Bieber, (Mr. Tom Turbavich - Director of We Are the World), Lil Mama , (Musical Director John Wilson) Geeked up , Jauwann Harris, Wonder Broz , Lady of Rage, Yoyo, Nick Hogon, DJ PM , Dj Skee , Chris Brown ,  Stephanie Ferrett, Jaden Smith, Christian Comb,  Ranger , ordan Beckford, Kelli Renee, Terry Kennedy, Paul Rodriguez JR, Suga Shane Mosley  Boxer), Bradnon Jennings (NBA) Kendrick Martin (NBA), Chris Duhan (NBA) & Many more…
Featuring alive group performance of the song “We Are All One”
Jack Gilardi
Executive Vice President

Prince Ali World Peace Activist:

RE: World Peace For Life

I was de lighted to have met with you in order to discuss World Peace for Life. I am proud of the work that you are doing and truly believe in your cause. I will wholeheartedly support this wonderful l endeavor in any way that I can.

Warmest Regards,

Jack L, Gilardi
The following is a list of invited Artists to participate in future World Peace For Life Events. Various artists will attend different events depending on the location and type of event that are planed for 2008 and beyond. For the first time in history, top artists and performers from different countries will meet face to face in the shared vision of promoting Peace for the World.